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about 8 years ago

Bayes Hack Challege Prizes

Here's a few new prizes to encourage you to work on specific challenges!

Challenge - Audience Favorite

The team with the project that is most virally shared on social media will win 4 Myo Armbands. The project must be shared with the #bayeshack hashtag and its own unique hashtag to be considered. All shares will be measured via Tagboard. This prize is sponsored by Thalmic Labs.

Challenge – US Department of Labor

The project team that creates the best solution to a Department of Labor Challenge will win a sit-down meeting with federal technology leaders at the Department of Labor in Washington D.C., a stroll through the White House, and a meeting with 18F.

Challenge – US Department of Interior

All project teams that develop a solution to the Department of Interior Challenge will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to Sally Jewell, the current U.S. Secretary of the Interior, in Washington D.C.

Challenge – High Point Police Department

The project team that creates the best solution to the High Point Police Department challenge will win a private tour of United Nations HQ in New York City. The tour will be facilitated by Ian Thorpe, the Chief Knowledge Exchange Office of UNICEF. This prize is sponsored by Big Mountain Data.

Challenge – Donors Choose

The project team that creates the best solution to the Donors Choose challenge will win one week of co-working space at Donors Choose HQ and lunch with the data science team there.