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California Healthcare Foundation - Preparing California for Elderly Health Needs

California HealthCare Foundation

Challenge Questions
How prepared are we to accommodate the growth in the elderly population in California? How can we determine what districts are lacking in nursing home services, and determine which districts are lacking in high-quality nursing home services?

The data set provides quality scores for all hospitals in California (except children’s hospitals), broken out into various categories: patient experience, readmissions, patient safety, heart conditions, mother and baby, and lung conditions. Participants may come up with their own analyses/research questions based on these data.


California is on the cusp of a substantial growth in its elderly population, which raises the question of whether nursing homes in California are located in areas of need, both now and based on projected future growth (that is, are nursing homes in locations with the fastest growing aging populations?). Your team can help CHCF determine now and future needs of nursing home care for the elderly population in California.


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