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Challenge Questions
Can existing datasets help us identify activities OR serene locations in public land and water to help generate health benefits for people (e.g. PTSD alleviation for veterans)? Can we measure this health benefit?

Mock patient data that allows you to simulate the interactions of a health care practitioner

Geospatial acoustic data from major national parks across the United States

Datasets and details:

Millions of Americans live within close proximity to national lands and waters but don’t realize the free benefits that exist by enjoying the great outdoors. This can be particularly compounded by the perception that visiting these areas can be difficult, expensive, or too time consuming. Difficulty in understanding regulations surrounding useage compounds the problem.

Furthermore, there are numerous public health challenges that can be mitigated through better exposure to the outdoors. Active lifestyles can contribute to a decrease of chronic illnesses like obesity and diabetes; experiencing the solitude of nature can lower stress and enhance overall mental wellbeing.


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